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European type drop forged wire rope clips H.D.G
Din 1142 wire rope clips,yellow chromated
Din 741 malleable wire rope clips,zp with/ without grooves
Austria type malleable wire rope clips,ZP
U.S type drop forged wire rope clips,H.D.G.
U.S type drop forged fist clips H.D.G
U.S type malleable wire rope clips, ZP
Wire rope clips type A,yellow chromated
Wire rope clips type B,malleable,ZP
G-450 clips
SS-450 stainless steel wire rope clips
new style fist grip clip
DIN 741 galv malleable wire rope clip
DIN 1142 galv malleable wire rope clip
Galv malleable wire rope clip type A
Galv malleable wire rope clip type A

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