About Us

Qingdao Allied Machinery is a young and alive Global Rigging Hardware supplier which created in 1998 by Mr. Meilin Chen.  

With the contribution of the Supply Chain Management system and Total Quality Management system,  Qingdao Allied Machinery has achieved  Vertical integration and Horizontal integration, like Door to Door delivery services. 

The company has established Quick Response-ability and Low Inventory level by Supply Chain Management system and ERP(enterprise resources planning).  Allied Machinery focus on performance management(HR aspect) last 17 years, also established a continuous relationship with each level of staffs which also reward by Qingdao local government in 2019.

We Strongly believe that business cannot make the perfect products, but man can.

As one of the founders in Qingdao Allied Machinery, Mr. Meilin Chen was indicated that, The aim of Qingdao Allied Machinery is to become the catalyst of client'project which offers the comprehensive support in Rigging Hardware aspect.Meanwhile, the satisfaction of the customers and staffs also belongs to our significant motivation.

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