Staff is our Family.

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AlliedMachinery focuses on the development and improvement of every staff because we strongly believe that quality products made by superior line staffs and team managers, rather than the company or one leader.

Then we implement the Performance Management(The PM) in our Workshops.  Different from Performance appraisal, performance management is a long and continuous process which involved line manager(Team Managers) and the line works.


The team manager will follow each team members and indicate the good activity and negative activity of staffs on time.  The line works will know what should be retained or what should be improved.

Traditional performance appraisal promotes by HR department which only have appraisal process by mouth, year. However, we realized that HR department lacks the skill to help staffs improve, they lack the product knowledge, the conflict between the HR department and the line work exists.


The New Performance management enhances the connection between the line work and company, with the guidance from line managers. The line staffs can easily understand what is right, what is wrong. The results are the win-win situation. 

The line worker gets the development and AlliedMachinery received the quality production and stable production environment.



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